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Concrete cutting

Diamond Floor Sawing

Floor saws are either Diesel or electrically powered machines which can cut up to depths of 600mm. They are self propelled and require an operator to walk behind it to determine speed and depth of cutting.

We have used these in the past to cut out sections of floor slab in Supermarkets to form new trenches for either services, drainage or to form expansion joints. These saws are usually used to cut flat surfaces such as roads, car parks and a variety of other areas of construction. 

Diamond Wall (Track) Sawing

This method of cutting is used in concrete and inclined surfaces. It involves a track which is attached to a surface and then the saw blade is guided by the track to form an opening in the concrete either a window or door perhaps.

It is a quick and precise method once set up and can cut up to depths of 1000mm.

Hand Held sawing

We use a variety of hand held sawing devices, these are usually used to form openings in Brick or block work but can be used for concrete as well.

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