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Robotic Demolition

These machines have revolutionized how small demolition work can be carried out.
They are track mounted and very versatile and can be moved around a site through doorways, moved floor to floor by lift or they can climb stairs!
They are operated by remote digital controls in the capable hands of trained operatives, they can be controlled from a safe distance away from potential hazards.

Because they are electrically powered they can be an essential tool when working in confined sites or where the public are close proximity i.e. Sainsbury's stores, as diesel engines are no longer allowed due to the toxic fumes and noise levels.
They also negate hand/arm vibration which is a health and safety hazard.
Brokks have a variety of attachments including:- Crushers, Steel sheers, Buckets, Sorting/Demo Grapples and Scabblers.
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