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Concrete Bursting/Crunching

Concrete Bursting

This method is used for cracking deep sections of concrete, it eliminates the use of normal breaking techniques which can be time consuming and hard work.

It can be used in occupied housing, schools, historic buildings or in vulnerable buildings sensitive to vibration. Water is required for the initial diamond drilling.

It involves a series of holes being drilled into the concrete, burster heads are then inserted into these holes to break up the concrete.

Concrete Crunching

This method is employed when vibration and noise needs to be kept to a minimum. These concrete crushers can crush up to 300mm thick concrete in virtual silence.

The crushers are clamped over the concrete and through a hydraulic ram the concrete is broken into pieces. No water is required for this method.

This method is again highly effective in the elimination of hand arm vibration.
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