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Wall & Floor Chasing

Chasing is a technique used to form recesses in brick/block work to allow services i.e. electrical and mechanical trades. This then allows them to be concealed once plastering is completed. 

These activities can come under the category of BWIC Builders Work In Connection.

Wall Chasing

Hand held cutting tools are used with double diamond blades to cut the brick/block work. The blades are set to cut at a constant depth and depending on the quantity of cables and sockets required determines how many parallel cuts are made. Dust extracting equipment is used in conjunction when cutting, once cutting has finished a small breaker is used to gently break the centre section away.

Floor Chasing

When recesses or channels need to be cut in floor slabs, it is usually more economic and efficient to use floor sawing equipment, dust extraction is available for this technique too.

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